Publications Rank Research area
István Ágoston associate professor algebras, modules, representations
Péter Frenkel assistant professor graph limits, polynomials
Katalin Gyarmati associate professor combinatorial number theory, pseudorandomness
Péter Z. Hermann emeritus associate professor group theory
Zoltán Halasi assistant professor group theory
Gyula Károlyi half-time professor discrepancy theory, additive combinatorics
Emil Kiss professor general algebras, tame congurence theory
Péter P. Pálfy half-time professor group theory, general algebras
András Sárközy professor emeritus number theory, pseudorandomness, cryptography
Csaba Szabó professor algebraic structures, didactics
Gábor Somlai assistant professor group theory
Mihály Szalay emeritus associate professor statistical theory of partitions, statistical theory of groups
Gergely Zábrádi associate professor algebraic number theory, p-adic methods

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